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YTO Express overseas network to recruit agents

  In order to meet customer demand, accelerate the pace of internationalization. YTO Express officially launch the global express project. With the vision of "The World is Within Your Reach" , begin to recruit agents of overseas, to create the world express network together so that the packages can be sent to every corner of the world safely , fast and conveniently, make cross-border delivery and cross-border online shopping more efficient and simple.


  • 1.Serve all clients within agreed area: using YTO’s advantage in China market and the brand’s publicity among overseas Chinese, to pick up the parcels from the host country and transport to China; those oversea agents featuring with capability can provide home delivery service within the agreed area in the host country.
  • 2. Overseas agents have the responsibility and obligation to comply with the rules, regulations and management approach of YTO Express.

Basic Requirements

  • Country / Region
  • Company type
  • Business requirement
  • Operational qualification
  • Personnel & facility
  • Vision
  • North America, Australia, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East.
  • Express company, E-commerce company, logistics company, duty-free shop
  • 1000 shipment per month to China
  • license or other required qualification for express business the host country
  • no less than 10 employees; no less than 100 square meters for sorting and stocking
  • Agree with YTO’s enterprise culture, willing to work with YTO and make common development and growth


  • During the period, agents are authorized to do business in agreed region

  • Agents can benefit YTO’s competitive discounts to grow market

  • Agents can gain professional guidance and training from YTO team

  • Other rights agreed in the contract

Application process

Application method

  • Download "YTO overseas agents application form" .Fill in and send it to the mailbox of YTO Global. After an internal evaluation, YTO will contact you and discuss the next step.
  • Contact:  Head office :Ms. bao baomin@yto.net.cn
  • Country/Region:  Taiwan: Mr.Qi +88633992368 shaftchi@yto.net.cn
  • Germany:Mr.Xiao +491737391300 xiaowenjia@yto.net.cn
  • Australia:Mr.Sun +61425197998 alan.sun@yto.net.cn
  • Korea:Ms. Lu +821098066767 reneelu@yto.net.cn
  • Thailand:Ms.Wu +66851391603/13972558218 amy.wu@yto.net.cn


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